Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bathroom Cabinets Denver

People don’t give  very much thought to their bathroom cabinets, but they are a major factor of both visual design and practical functioning in that small space. Well designed bathroom cabinets from Kitchen Gallery Ltd in Denver can have an elegant impact from a decorating point of view, and can create perfect personalized storage for your bathroom items.  

We offer individualized custom bathroom cabinets crafted masterfully from the highest quality woods and professionally installed with an eye to detail,  providing craftsmanship that is rare in these days of prefabricated pressboard cabinets bought from a big box store and installed by their staff who may have just been transferred in from garden supplies.    With Kitchen Gallery Ltd, you’ll have custom designed wooden bathroom cabinets that provide just the storage options you need installed meticulously by people who specialize in cabinetry full time.   Our dedication to service and craftsmanship means that every customer gets our full attention and finest work, on every job large or small since we started serving Denver in 1974.

Contact us for more information on our bathroom cabinets and other kitchen and bath remodel options today.